Why Us?

What Makes Us Different

When you come to New England Neuropsychology, we assume that some aspect of your or a loved ones functioning is negatively impacting their quality of life, and you are looking for answers - and guidance. We will want to start by hearing your observations, concerns and hypotheses, and then will help you form specific questions that we will target during our assessment. We want to ensure that we are answering your real questions, not just ruling in/out a diagnosis. For example, we might help you to reframe the question "Does my child have ADHD" with "Why does my child have so much difficulty learning, staying still, and following directions." Unfortunately, many times, focusing on the former question leads to brief and cursory evaluations that don't offer much more than what a checklist might suggest - which greatly minimizes the impact of the evaluation.

With these refined questions in mind, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to help delineate the etiology of your loved ones difficulties, as well as to measure strengths and resources that can be used to help the individual to improve their functioning. We believe that this person centered approach results in a more meaningful evaluation, and offers a deeper understanding of a patient's vulnerabilities and strengths, allowing for us to give feedback that will be more illustrative and beneficial.