Adult Evaluations

Adults are referred for neuropsychological evaluations by their primary care doctors and specialists, their therapists, their academic programs, family members, and at times, based on their own research. Often, adults present for an evaluation after a significant event has transpired - such as an accident, a loss, or an illness. When people seem to be having trouble recovering from such events, our evaluations can be useful in determining why they are "stuck" and can help guide them towards more effective treatments/choices.

Adult evaluations can take anywhere from 3-5 hours. Cognitive and emotional functioning are always thoroughly assessed, though the proportion of assessment that targets each domain really changes contingent on the referral question asked. For example, an evaluation of a middle aged gentleman who had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and is hoping to identify strategies to hasten his return to work will likely spend the bulk of his time completing cognitive testing. If that same gentleman was instead referred by his therapist of 5 years for an evaluation because he was "not getting better" we may spend more time assessing for possible personality and emotional contributions to this difficulty, and less time detailing every aspect of his cognitive profile.

Either way, after the evaluation is complete, a feedback session will be scheduled during which time we will sit down for about an hour to go over results. Shortly after this session, a report, complete with recommendations that are generated during the feedback session will be mailed to you and to your referring provider.