Corporate Evaluation Service

One of our more unique programs, the Corporate Evaluation Service, is geared towards assessment of cognition for those high functioning individuals who are worried about a potential decline in cognition but want to avoid the usual channels when having this assessed (i.e., don't want the insurance company or anyone else to know about the assessment; want to ensure confidentiality). Individuals who take advantage of this service generally self-refer, as they have noticed increased difficulty at work or in other areas of life, but are not in a position to ask others if they have noticed the changes too. Though we always recommend notifying loved ones if a cognitive decline is found, we understand why some may feel more comfortable having a thorough evaluation without telling loved ones or co-workers. These evaluations are similar to other adult assessments, but involve a somewhat more thorough intellectual evaluation, and more redundancy is used to ensure that even the most subtle changes are detected. At times, these evaluations may identify areas of definite concern, at other times, they may rule out any immediate concern. In either case, they serve to provide a baseline cognitive profile against which future evaluations can be compared.As with all of the evaluations we offer, a feedback appointment will be set up after the initial evaluation, and you will be invited to bring anyone with you who you think would benefit from hearing the results. A report will then be either sent to you in the mail or handed to you in person.