Child Evaluations

Children are generally referred for evaluations by their parents, school, or pediatricians. Oftentimes there is a concern regarding their ability to learn or pay attention, and frequently there are challenging behavioral issues that have proven difficult to change. We generally see children who are 7 years and older, as ability levels before that age often change rapidly over weeks to months, and thus, findings are somewhat less stable for these young children. If your child is younger than 7, feel free to call to discuss alternatives, which include briefer evaluations or referral to providers who specialize in different sorts of assessments for young children. For children ages 7-12, you can expect a 3-6 hour evaluation that covers intellectual, cognitive, academic, emotional and behavioral functioning. Parents and guardians will be asked to engage in a detailed clinical interview, and both caretakers and the child will be asked to complete rating scales and other forms that are useful in quantifying the degree of difficulty across several domains. Naturally, children will only be asked to complete forms within their comprehension level.

After completing the evaluation, we will schedule a feedback session for parents and possibly the child to attend. During this one hour session, we will go over all results, in detail, and then work together to form meaningful recommendations. As part of service contract with you, we will gladly attend one PPT at the child's school, either via telephone or in person, contingent on scheduling. We believe that our attendance at the PPT often facilitates communication between families and school personnel and are happy to offer this service.