Older Adult Evaluations

Older adult evaluations usually stem from family, geriatrician, primary care, or self-recognized concerns about a cognitive decline. These evaluations are generally used to help differentiate cognitive decline from normal aging. The evaluations are somewhat briefer than our other adult assessments, and you can generally expect a 2-4 hour test session. After the interview with you and (ideally) a loved one or other collateral source of information, we will spend a couple hours surveying all areas of your thinking (attention, expressive and receptive language, ability to name and find the right word, learning and memory, processing speed, motor functioning) and your emotional state. Results are offered during a feedback session with whomever you bring with you (or opt to have join us via a call or virtual meeting). After the feedback, a report will be mailed to your home, which will include the results of the assessment and detailed recommendations (i.e., specific recommendations for what to consider changing, who to call for follow-up assessments and further work-up, etc).